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Gettysburg College

Received a Bachelor of Arts in Globalization Studies, with minors in Cinema Media Studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. My focus within Globalization Studies was the portrayal of Arab people in Western news media sources. During my time at Gettysburg, I studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France, and Rabat, Morocco.



Frequently hired to take professional head shots, family portraits, and personal portraits. I have also photographed theater productions for promotional posters as well as theater portfolios.

FONA Community Events Photographer

Hired annually to photograph community events such as vendor sales, comunity gardening, and professional development classes. Images used on FONA's social media, website, and brochures.


Ms Magazine
The Bay Weekly
Round Earth Media
IAU Featured Blogger

Researched and wrote at least one blog post each day, interviewed subjects, reviewed books for the blog and print magazine, fact-checked articles being published in print magazine, and worked collaboratively with other interns on blog posts.

Helped develop and write published articles about life in Rabat, Morocco, alumni news, and profiles on artists, writers, academics, politicians, and activists for student-run online news site.

Wrote 3-4 stories per day, reviewing local theater, small businesses, interviewed local business owners, and learned the inner-workings of an independent newspaper.

Chronicled life as an American studying in France for other students interested in studying abroad, wrote one blog every other week.

District Fray Magazine

Conducted research and interviews to write multiple articles for the print and online magazine each week, authored the magazine’s inaugural crossword puzzle, photographed subjects for online and print pieces, fact-checked and copy edited articles published in the print magazine, and covered local effects of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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