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Since childhood, I have photographed what has interested me. I prefer to photograph in a documentary style, capturing moments rather than just images. I enjoy travel photography and I have been lucky enough to travel through the US, Europe, and Morocco thanks to study abroad programs. While portraiture does not take up a large percentage of my portfolio, I do enjoy freelancing as a portrait photographer and bringing people's personalities to the forefront of each photo.

I am a bit of a photography purist. Though we are in an age of Photoshop, I prefer to abstain from editing my photos as much as possible. About 95% of my work goes unedited, and that which is edited goes through a very minimal editing process. Although willing to edit, I prefer to let my work speak for itself rather than attempt to match current popular aesthetics through manipulation. I believe my work should be good enough to stand on its own. If I can't tell a story with the photograph I have taken, it is not a good enough photograph.

Lion getting surgery

A lioness undergoes surgery at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom hospital, Orlando, FL, 2014.

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