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I believe that photographs should invoke emotion in the viewer. Many stories can be told through photography, but those that stir something in you are the photographs that are remembered.​

My name is Kelsey Cochran, and I am an aspiring photojournalist. I have been interested in the medium since early childhood, inspired by the work I saw in my mother's National Geographic magazines. I still remember my first camera, a pair of bright yellow plastic binoculars with a roll of film inside. Though the binocular-camera hybrid was advertised for bird watchers, I took photos of anything and everything that interested me.

I have since honed my photographic skills freelancing as a portrait photographer, writing for newspapers and magazines across the country, as well as researching, writing, and photographing an investigative article on the urban housing crisis in Morocco. Photography and writing allow me to tell a story that may have otherwise gone unheard. I hope that when someone views my work, they are able to take something from it.

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