European Scenes


Europe is a continent with a plethora of rich cultures and histories. In the age of globalization, it may seem that this old world is being forgotten in favor of modernity. The reality is that these cultures have adapted to survive in the modern world while maintaining their roots.

A home in Assissi, Italy, 2012.

Large wood doors frame an opulent room inside a palace-turned-museum, Austria, 2015.

Tourists squeeze into gondola car, Germany, 2015.

View from the highest point in Germany, 2015.

Crumbling castle, Austria, 2015.

Pigeons flying about on a gray day, Paris, France, 2015.

Stone giants, Brussels, Belgium, 2015.

A cathedral in autumn, Brussels, Belgium, 2015.

Inside the cathedral, Brussels, Belgium, 2015.

France through a bus window, Lacoste, France, 2015.

France through a bus window part II, in the hills of southern France, 2015.

A man buys olives from vendors, Italy, 2015.

Cinque Terre, Italy, 2015.

A man plays the trumpet in Arles, France, 2015.

Inside a cathedral in Arles, France, 2015.

A rainy day in London, England, 2015.